Sunday, October 14, 2012

On The Range #75: Saturday IDPA

I burned a vacation day so that I could have this Saturday off and shoot in the local IDPA match.  It was a lot of fun.  There were six stages total and they all had a number of challenges.  My favorite stage was a scenario in which you are startled while pumping gas by a commotion behind you.  Here's some video:

You turn and engage one target with three rounds while 'hearing' someone scream that they are being kidnapped.  You have to retrieve spare mags from the back of your vehicle before coming around to the driver's side where you engage another target.  As you come towards the driver's door you see a 'car' that a BG is trying to force a hostage into.  You have to shoot out the tires (steel plates) and then take out the hostage taker with two shoots to the head.  As you are about to get into one vehicle there is another BG right outside the passenger side door, and then once inside you have to  engage two more before you can 'get away.'  Fun stage.

This match made me really wish I was off regularly on weekends.  I finished 26th of 48 overall and 2nd of 10 in SSP/Unclassified.  I'm hoping to shoot Marksman when I shoot a classifier.  I out shot one of the three Marksman class shooters in SSP so hopefully I'm on track for that.

The Glock ran perfectly through the whole match.  I've got over 1,400 rounds through it since I bought it in March and the only issues I've had have been self induced or with steel ammo (two failures to feed).


Old NFO said...

Stages like that are 'fun' and are pretty realistic (all things considered)... Shoot em good! And keep shooting the dots too!

RobertM said...

I'm really glad I started shooting IDPA. It's a lot of fun and gives me an excuse to get out to the range as much as possible...not that I needed much of one!