Friday, August 31, 2012

On The Range #73: Browning Buck Mark

Yesterday I took the new pistol out shooting for the first time.  It was kind of a nasty day so I only shot about 50 rounds of CCI Stingers.  So far I'm very impressed. 

First 5 shots @7 yards, improvised rest

I can easily lay one shot on top of the other with the Buck Mark.  It was really fun to be shooting that precisely.  My point of aim was the center red diamond so the sights definitely needed some adjustment.  Once I was able to pit one of those red diamonds I moved to off hand shooting.

~30 rounds off hand, 3" target @7yds

I started my offhand shooting slow but got progressively faster.  I shot some strong hand and weak hand (that's where those high flyers came from).  I've got to be very careful with my trigger work.  I think I'm anticipating recoil a bit considering the high, left trend.  It's a new trigger to learn and I haven't got it down just yet.

I want to get out and run some other ammo types through it.  I've got half an ammo can full of .22.  I want to run some of the plated stuff through it to see how it handles the cheaper brands.  I'm going to save my unplated until I pick up a .22 revolver. 

The Buck Mark is a lot of fun.  It's great for some simple plinking and I'm going to pick up some cheap .22 steel targets for it soon.  It will also be great for some new shooters I'm planning to get on the range soon.


Odysseus said...

Nice shootin Tex.

RobertM said...


eiaftinfo said...

Nice!! We've started steel shooting on 8 inch plates at our chapter house and a bunch of the new shooters use Buckmark, pretty sweet little gun!

Old NFO said...

Nice, and nicely done! It also works to point out any 'bad' tendencys with the larger calibers!

Mr.B said...

If you want real fun, look up tactical and check out their lightweight barrels. Changes the balance (for the better, IMHO) but makes the firearm much lighter.

Plus you can get all sorts of net colors and barrel profiles...FLuted or not, etc.

THe more you shoot that thing, the more yer gonna like it.

Be careful taking the grips off though. Trust me.

RobertM said...

Thanks, all!