Monday, August 20, 2012

On The Range #72

This past Friday I found a little time to do a little pistol shooting.  I shot Dot Torture and scored 45/50 at 3 yards.

Shot the FAST Drill  and ended up with 11.26 (had a one second penalty for a miss).  Still not fast.

Shot some Bill Drills and Mozambiques for time at 7 yards.  Averaged 6.16 seconds on the Bill Drills and 4.49 on the Mozambiques, all from concealment.  My average draw to first shot was 2.5 seconds.  I'd like to improve on all of those, of course. 

I'm just under 1,200 rounds with the Glock 17 (1,195 to be exact) and I've only had one stoppage that wasn't self induced (I have a habit of riding the slide stop, I've just about got it kicked though).  The stoppage occurred during my last IDPA match and was a FTF.  I was shooting cheap steel cased ammo, but it's nothing the gun doesn't eat all the time.  My last hundred rounds was the same stuff with not a hiccup.

I also wanted to see what I was looking like when I stepped out in range.  I shot a few rounds at 25 and then 50 yards.  At 25 I can keep my hit on target, 50 was a different story.  Everything seemed to go high.  I'm going to have to do that a few more times to get an idea of where I need to hold to get the rounds where I want them.   

I'm pretty sure I have an IDPA match this Thursday so hopefully I'll have more to report soon.


Old NFO said...

Definitely improving! Keep up the practice!

RobertM said...


Old NFO said...

Your times and accuracy should be improving at the IDPA matches too! :-)

RobertM said...

We'll find out tonight!