Saturday, July 28, 2012

Very positive article on guns in Brimingham.

b Metro is 'the magazine of Metro-Birmingham Living.'  I've flipped through it a couple of times in waiting rooms, but today was the first time I bought an issue.

I bought it because after skimming Loyd McIntosh's article "Ready.  Aim. Fire." I had to read the whole thing in detail.  What followed was a very positive (for pro-gun types) article on guns which the focus on the Birmingham Metro area.  The article is definitely written by someone who favors less gun control, but the author was careful to get the opinions of the other side as well.

I really enjoyed this quote from a Pell City Police Officer:

 “I can’t think of a law enforcement officer that I know of that isn’t in favor of Second Amendment rights, or of private citizens not just owning firearms, but carrying on their person,” says Herron, of the Pell City Police Department. “The reality is most people that follow the law are always going to follow the law, whether they have a weapon or not.  Criminals, they couldn’t care less.

“In the opinion of most police officers I know, a private citizen having a firearm is a very good thing, because private citizens have come to the aid of police officers throughout the history of law enforcement. Giving them a weapon as a responsible gun owner is really a wise thing, because they’re more likely to defend someone, defend themselves, defend a police officer,” Herron adds. “We already know the bad guys are going to have them.”

I'm often critical of police mistakes.  I'm critical because I do believe that as enforcers of the law they should be held to a higher standard.  Officers like this make it easier to see them as the allies that I, and I think they, want them to be in making a safer society for everyone.

I found the article to be very balanced, though as with all works of journalism this author has his bias.  Too bad for the anti-gunners this one is on my side.  He talked to everyone:  a local resident who was a contestant on Top Shot, a pro-gun LEO, an 'only one' LEO, victims of gun crimes, a dyed in the whole anti, a collector and gunsmith, and a trainer among others.

I've actually recognized the trainer interviewed from the times I've been in the gun shop/shooting range he works at.  I've even spoken with him a few times.  

I really recommend reading the whole article.


Old NFO said...

Nice!!! :-) We need MORE of those!

Old NFO said...

Nice!!! :-) We need MORE of those!

RobertM said...

I was really surprised. I did not expect it to be a positive article, but I think it's very timely.