Friday, July 13, 2012

Very late Christmas present: A.R.S. Shanghai Shank

My very good friend Logan, an up and coming gun smith, is an employee of A.R.S. Knives.  If you've ever purchased one of their products you can thank him for the razor sharp edge.  Sometime late last year I was admiring this neat little neck knife he was wearing, which was one of their Shanghai Shanks.

I told my friend I'd probably have to pick one of those up.  He smiled and said, "Wait until after Christmas."  Christmas came and went and to be honest with everything else going on in my life I completely forgot about it.  Then last week I got a call from Logan.  He was near my home and wanted to swing by to give me my Christmas present.  I wasn't home so he left it in the mailbox.

 A.R.S. Shanghai Shank-Ain't she pretty?

This is really a cool little knife.  I've been carrying it in a cargo pocket while at work since I keep my shirt tucked in, but this will definitely get some neck wear this weekend.  It is extremely light, very sharp, and just a cool design.  It wouldn't be my first choice as a self defense tool, but it's great slashing capability and could do some stabbing as well.  It'll make a great utility and survival knife.