Saturday, July 7, 2012

Not much of a weekend.

My days off are Thursday and Friday so those are the days I usually try to get as much blogging done as possible.  However, Thursday morning I had to be at a meeting at 6:30AM and then I had to meet with a customer afterwards.  I didn't get much sleep so when I finally made it home I decided I'd nap for a little while. 

I wanted to do a little shooting but I also had a couple of movies from Netflix I needed to watch and a couple of books to finish.  I managed that one of each Thursday night and Friday morning.  I did a little running around town yesterday and then went back to the home of the customer I met Thursday to install some equipment I had shipped to him that arrived sooner than expected.

Managed to get home with enough light left to get the push mower out and take care of a little more than half of the grass.  Still have about 45 minutes of work left that hopefully I can get to this afternoon if the rain holds off. 

I've got very little paying work today and quite a bit of non-paying followups on my schedule.  One of the followups is supposed to be handled by the higher ups because it is a repeated issue that never shows up while I am there and I can find no problems with the customers system (which after four trips I've completely replaced).  One is, hopefully, one that I've already resolved by phone on Thursday.  The last is the only one likely legit, and it will either be a very simple fix or a pain in the ass.

On top of all that I've got to pick up some more paying work.  Last week was very sub par and I can't have another like that.  So, yeah, not much of a weekend.  I hope all of you Saturday and Sunday weekenders have a better one than me!

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