Monday, July 30, 2012

Not happy.

Remember when I installed an ambi safety on my AR a couple months back?  Yeah, well, less than two hundred rounds later the lever on the side for my left hand thumb (which is the right side) popped off when I was doing a little fast paced shooting late yesterday afternoon.*

This really pisses me off.  It wasn't that expensive, but still.  I've used it A LOT.  Sure, I've shot less than two hundred rounds since installing it but that safety has gone on and off every time I've gone from ready to on target, every time I've dry fired, etc.  It was held on by a little plunger so I'm not sure how/why it popped off.  I don't believe I installed it incorrectly because I doubt it would have lasted this long.

Oh well.  It happened early enough that I had to get used to operating the safety as a right-y only.  I'll be getting another to install, but I may go with someone else this time.  

*I got all tacticooled up just to see how well I could run around in the stuff I've bought (a leg rig for two AR mags, a dump pouch which is wonderful, and my DSG holster and mag holder...not a bad set-up, actually).


Old NFO said...

Sometimes even 'good' parts fail! Send it back and get a replacement!

RobertM said...

I'm going to shoot Troy an email and see what they'll do for me.