Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: DSG Alpha Holster and Magazine Carrier

I've wanted to write this review for a while, and I've struggled with it.  The problem is that I'm worried that I won't say enough to meet some other person's definition of 'review.'  However, I decided since I paid for this holster, since this is my blog, and since I have open comments so anyone can ask questions that I could say as little or as much as I want. 


Not long after I bought my Glock 17 I knew I wanted a kydex holster.  I also wanted a double magazine carrier.  I've seen a lot of adverts for DSG kydex holsters in the gun rags over the last few months so I took a look at their website.  They've got a nice selection of holsters at a decent price and they keep a decent inventory on hand.  Raven Concealment has never had my business because of this particular lack of inventory problem in the past. 


I settled on the Alpha Series Holster and magazine carrier.  The prices were right and they were available for immediate shipping.  I placed my order and had the brown box in hands in under a week. 

Initial impressions where that I'd paid around $100 for two pieces of plastic.  In essence I was correct, but the devil is in the details.  My Glock 17 and magazines fit into the holster and mag carrier quite well, though the magazine carrier is a little on the tight side and you must have a good grip on your magazines and give a straight upward pull to get them out quickly. 

The holster has all the retention a concealable holster needs while at the same time allowing for a smooth and fast draw.  I believe I am faster out of this holster than any of the other two I own. 

I've worn the holster and mag carrier a lot since I purchased it.  It is completely comfortable to wear around all day.  I've driven, shopped, mowed the lawn, and sat in my favorite chair while wearing this holster with a full size pistol in it.  The most uncomfortable I've been was while driving and that was minor at worst.

I used this holster and mag carrier combination to take my recent IDPA 101 course and to shoot in my first IDPA match.  Aside from the retention issue I mentioned above concerning the magazine carrier I've had zero issues in any shooting I've done using the DSG equipment. 

The holster is marketed as a concealed carry holster and it works perfectly in that arena as long as you use a little common sense in your clothing choices.  It's not going to disappear under a light t-shirt when carrying a full size pistol like my Glock 17, but then it doesn't take much more either.


The belt loops on the holster are detachable so that it can be converted to an IWB holster.  I have not tried this, nor do I anticipate doing so in the future.  I can not imagine that a pure kydex holster will be in the least bit comfortable worn inside the waistband. 

If you're looking for a kydex holster I definitely suggest you take a look at what DSG has to offer.  For those of you with Crimson Trace grips or lights on your guns they make holsters that will work for you too. 

This will be my go to holster for IDPA and I'm sure it will see a lot of wear when I'm doing any kind of outdoor activity.  I'm very happy with the purchase and I'll be looking at some of DSG's other offerings in the future. 


agirlandhergun said...

Nice review!

I stopped ordering from Crossbreed for the same reason. It took forever to get the holster. Once they got that issues fixed, I did go back and buy a Supertuck for my M&P.

Old NFO said...

Nice review, and the ONLY one that has to be happy is YOU! :-) Screw the rest of us...LOL

RobertM said...

Thank you both!

Me said...

Have you tried using the holster with a compact Glock (19/23)? If so, did the holster properly retain the pistol?