Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not the worst day I've had.

But it's up there.

I worked today because we are on a mandatory 6-1 schedule at work.  I'm not a fan, but whatever.  Got up bright and early and drove for over an hour to get to my first job.  Finished 15 minutes from home at 8:30PM.  Had to come home and pick up my own tv so I could do my last install because the customer had only one tv that was missing the power cord and the bosses want to give you absolute shit if a customer legitimately needs to reschedule or cancel.

Finished up and headed home thinking the worst was past.  No such luck.  I'm about halfway home when I feel a nasty sting burning into my back.  A wasp or hornet got me good.  Don't know where the fucker came from or where he went but it hurt like a son of a bitch and I'll have some nice swelling over the next couple of days.

Oh, and being stuck in a mobile home with no A/C (hadn't been installed yet) and two large cats has led me to the conclusion that I'm at least mildly allergic to the damned things.  Cats, that is.  Joy. 

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Old NFO said...

Ouch, times 2 Cats WILL bring out any allegies...