Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gun smuggling operation busted in Alabama.

Seems some Alabama residents decided to follow in the footsteps of Eric Holder:
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- The Mexican Army on May 3, 2011, stopped a drug suspect in a vehicle after a chase in the city of Florencia de Benito, Juarez, in the central part of that country and found a cache of guns, a grenade launcher, explosives and marijuana.

Among the eight weapons was a Barrett Model 99 .50 caliber BMG rifle purchased six weeks earlier at a Huntsville gun shop, according to U.S. court documents.

In the seven months after that first discovery, the Mexican military uncovered three other stashes of large-caliber guns that included ones bought at Huntsville and Decatur-area gun shops. One stash belonged to the drug cartel Los Zetas, according to court documents.
Okay.  They found a .50 that was bought in Huntsville.  Where did the fucking GRENADE LAUNCHER AND EXPLOSIVES come from?  I mean, who gives a fuck if you have a single shot Barrett (a weapon any decent machine shop can whip up...just ask Ronnie Barrett) when you've got a fucking grenade launcher? 
In Alabama, federal agents tracked the guns to a group of seven people who bought them as "straw buyers" for one man, Gary Lee Madison, according to federal court documents. All eight last month pleaded guilty to making false statements in order to buy firearms. They also have all entered plea agreements with federal prosecutors in north Alabama.
 Funny how well a little detective work pays off, isn't it?  Of course, I'm assuming that the first the BATFE knew of the Alabama guns was when they got the trace request from Mexico.  If they knew people were straw buying for Madison before the guns were found in Mexico then this is just one more case of the BATmen contributing to the Mexican death toll.  I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt in this case.

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Windy Wilson said...

Dummies! Had they had an "in" with the correct officials at BATFE, they could have gotten all the guns they wanted without having to run around at night risking arrest from the local po-po.