Thursday, June 28, 2012

The government can make you buy anything.

That's what the Supreme Court says.  Chief Justice John Roberts says doing so is taxation.

Vote for Romney because we can't afford what will happen to the SCOTUS under another four years of Obama.  Right.  Sure.  That'll fix everything.

It's really just one more instance proving that government power to do whatever the fuck it wants will not be denied.  I wonder what the Republican's will make us buy (or fine us for not buying, I'm sure that's how it is rationalized as a tax).

Sure, I've got my guns (though not the one's I've a legal right to, let's not forget that), but I ask you what good they're worth if my government can take my land and give it to a real estate developer to turn into a strip mall?  What good are they if the government can pull me and thirty other people out of our cars at an intersection, arrest us without cause, and search us and our vehicles without cause or warrant because a bank robber might be among us and they don't know what he looks like or what he is driving? 

The only way to turn the tide is with violence.  That is not an order, suggestion, or declaration of intent.  It is simply the facts as they stand.  Violence is the only option left and taking that option would probably make the situation worse (absolutely would in the short term), but it's also the only chance left.  In the end it will come down to violence no matter what other actions are taken.

Fuck it.  I'm going to punch holes in paper because it's fun, enjoy my bourbon while I can, enjoy my cigars while I can, enjoy red meat for as long as I can,  fuck as much as I can, and do my damnedest to laugh at the absurdity of it all.  I have no doubt that before I'm dead everything enjoyable will be taken away from us in the name of health.

Our situation makes me think very much of a person with cancer and multiple personality disorder.  One personality wants to risk the body's health to kill the cancer which is the only option that could work (not will work by any means).  Another is a non-interventionist religious nut job who wants to leave it up to the will of God.  Another thinks only holistic 'medicine' should be tried.  Another thinks that cancer doesn't really exists but that it's just a way for doctors to slowly kill you while stealing all your money.  Guess who wins in that scenario?

If you didn't guess cancer you're an idiot.  


agirlandhergun said...

Your last paragraph kind of says it all. What the heck is happening to our country???

Kristin said...

I've been saying it'd come to this for what feels like forever. Just makes a body want to throw in the towel and say, "Why bother? Just wait for the outrage to take over and deal with it when it gets here." Because it will.

That's unpopular thinking, though. People think our democracy is perfect and that it's going to save us. ::sigh::

Kristin said...

On a related note, who wants to move to Australia with me?

RobertM said...

Two small quibbles, Kris, but otherwise I agree (I bitch because it makes me feel better!).

One, we don't have a democracy, never have, and it's a good thing. The closer we get to democracy the worse things will get. We've got a Constitution Republic. Sorry, that's high school civics kicking in.

Two, if Australia was in an even remotely better position I'd consider it, but economically they're not much better off (if better off at all) and there I wouldn't even have my guns. I'd much prefer Africa or South America. Sure, everything I'd want to do is illegal or regulated there but at least they have a well entrenched system of bribery so I could do whatever I could afford to do. Here they still arrest you for that (though I feel we're heading straight to banana republic land).