Friday, June 1, 2012

Going for a beer.

Or more.

Tonight I'll be attending the Magic City Brewfest put on by Free The Hops, the organization responsible for the Gourmet Beer Act passed a couple of years ago so that high gravity beer could be brewed and sold in Alabama.  I'm a big fan of the law since it has improved the quality of beer in Alabama immensely.  This year they were responsible for the legislature passing and the governor signing the Gourmet Bottle Bill which allows the production and sale of your larger size containers of beer.  It goes into effect August 1st.  Prior to this law going into effect only 16 oz. containers or smaller were allowed.  Still can't get foh-tays, but hopefully we'll see that change in the future. 

Anyway, this weekends event will feature over 200 brewers with samples (all samples have to be purchased for a penny to comply with other silly ass laws).  Eight Alabama Brewers will be featured.  I've had beers by two of them.  One I don't care for.  I've tried a number of their beers and they all taste exactly the same.  One is ok.  Hopefully a few of the others will tip over the 'good'  side of the meter. 

At the least I'll get to try a lot of different beers and hopefully find some new stuff I'll enjoy.  I hate that IPAs are so popular now because IPAs, well, I'm not a fan.  Should be plenty of stouts out there for me though.


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