Sunday, June 3, 2012


Didn't work today.  Won't work tomorrow. 

On my way to my first customer this morning I noticed some pretty severe irritation in my right eye.  I though maybe my contact was out of whack so when I pulled over to get gas I checked it out in the mirror.  The lower half of the surface of my eye was red and extremely swollen.  I removed my contact lens and called my supervisor to tell him I had to get it checked out before doing anything else. 

Finally managed to find a doc that was working around 9AM (about an hour and half later) and was diagnosed with conjunctivitis (more commonly known as pink eye).  It's a first for me.  The doc gave me a prescription for eye drops (expensive shit, I might add) and sent me home for two days.

I'm out some cash I'd have preferred not to use and a brand new pair of contacts which just happened to be a trial pair.  Maybe the eye doc will get me another set. 

Work was not happy.  It seems I was the third man down for the day, and it was going to be hell before I called out.  I didn't like doing it, but I was very worried about my eye.  My eyes and dick are the two things I'll run to the doctor about if I'm having an issue, otherwise I avoid them like the plague. 

I guess I'll be burning off two more vacation days.

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