Thursday, May 24, 2012

SPLC smear tactics.

The Birmingham News recently had an article talking about a list of 'radicals' compiled by the SPLC.  One of those is Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars. 

The article details some of the SPLC's specific claims and even includes Mr. Vanderboegh's responses to them.  It seems like a fair article until you realize there is not a single mention of the Gun Walker Scandal brought to light in large part by Mr. Vanderboegh's work. 

The comments leave a lot to be desired since they go mainly focus on one of the other 'radicals' who I know little about and are in large part a debate on the legality of secession.  I felt compelled to leave my own comment specific to Mr. Vanderboegh:

While I applaud this article at least putting in Mike Vanderboegh's responses to the SPLC's ludicrous claims I find it highly suspicious that the article completely leaves out that Mr. Vanderboegh is also one of the two men who have brought to light the fact that the current administration, all the while screaming for more gun control because of the violence in Mexico, was allowing the sale of weapons to Mexican criminals who then transported them across the border into the hands of those responsible for the violence, the Mexican drug cartels.  No effort was made to track the weapons or stop them. 

One of the thousands of weapons was later used in the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Bryan Terry.  Mr. Vanderboegh has been at the forefront of attempting to have those in the administration responsible for illegal weapons trafficking to foreign nationals, which has led to the murders of an unknown number of Mexican citizens and a US Border Patrol Agent, to justice.  But no mention of that. 

This whole SPLC attack is nothing but a smear campaign against Mr. Vanderboegh because he has dared to be the enemy of a criminal organization that goes straight to the top of the US Justice Department and probably right into the oval office.  "Don't listen to that crazy gunnut hatriot radical!"  Mr. Vanderboegh may have patrolled the border, but at least he didn't sell guns to criminals and let them walk across the border into the hands of the murderous drug cartels as Eric Holder did.
I'm sure the comment will probably be ignored or over looked considered the number of comments already posted on a moot point of history so I thought I would share it here

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