Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magpul MIAD.

From the beginning I'd decided that I'd be adding things to my AR as I had time/funds to do so.  It's all coming together pretty well.  So far I've replaced the standard hand guard with a railed hand guard, added one of the Magpul ASAP sling mounts, attached a Magpul AFG, replaced the safety with an ambidextrous safety, and attached a Streamlight flashlight.

Notice a trend?

Most recently I added a Magpul MIAD grip.  I bought this particular grip on a bit of a lark.  I was just going to get a MOE grip in FDE, but Amazon was carrying the MIAD and it seemed cool so what the hell? 

I'm really happy that I made this particular purchase.  The MIAD has interchangeable back straps and that is something I had a need for.  I've noticed that my hand is way too close on the small standard grip.  Operating the trigger was awkward and uncomfortable as a result.  I sucked it up, and I could shoot fine, but the new grip with the large back strap has really improved ergonomics.  I've done a bit of dry firing and it's a huge improvement.  

The MIAD also allows you to store a few small things in the body of the grip in a small storage core.  The storage core it comes with will hold a couple of rounds of .223/5.56, but you can buy others that will hold batteries or even bolt and firing pin.  I'm thinking about picking up one that holds CR123A batteries for the flashlight I have mounted.

Along with all that the MIAD also has interchangeable front straps and some really aggressive texturing on the sides and back strap.  The textruing will be nice in a sweaty situation, but it's aggressive enough that it could be uncomfortable for some shooters.

Hopefully later today I'll be getting out on the range to do some shooting.  I think it will be a LOT more enjoyable now that I've replaced the safety with an ambi model and replaced the grip with something that suits me better.

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Old NFO said...

Very nice, and a range report would be appreciated!