Friday, April 6, 2012

Shooting in the 'ham.

Stopped by ye olde Irish pub for a pint last night and on the way out was talking to the bouncer I know with another friend.  Turns out he shot someone a couple of weeks back.

It was 5AM and he was just getting off work (I saw the video).  He's in his car about to pull away to head home when a van stops in front of him, backs up (at this point he grabs his .45 out of the glove box), and out of the van pops one of Jessie Jackson's by blows. He makes a big arc around the bouncers car until he is about ten feet from the driver's door and then dashes in and opens the car door with a gun in hand only to find himself, soliciting for the boy's choir no doubt, with a gun point right back at him.  The bouncer fumbled a bit with the safety and didn't hit the robber center mass.  As Mr. Choir Boy fled he shot at this guy I know, who returned fire and hit his attacker twice in the thigh.

About 100 yards away at a McDonald's four cops are having some coffee.  They hear the shots and turn their radios on.  Not long after our friend the Choir Boy stumbles in and is promptly arrested (did I mention his friends in the van left him when the shooting started?).  He's been charged with Robbery in the 1st and attempted murder.  The bouncer is back bouncing.

A couple of things.

First, I made the dick move of thinking and saying I probably wouldn't have had that issue with the safety (it was a 1911).  Thinking on it now that may be true, but I don't know it would be.  A revolver or Glock type action would have better served in that situation.

Second, my bouncer acquaintance fired five times and made two hits at what looked like the ten to twenty foot range.

Third, it was a cross racial shooting.  The robber was black and our bouncer is a very dark complected white guy.  That's a non-issue here because of the video.

Fourth, this was a success of of Alabama's 'stand your ground law' in my opinion because of the way it went down.

Fifth, the robber was shot twice and managed to make it at least 100 yards before being arrested.  Hits count.  Hits center mass count a bit more.  The SOB was lucky.


Odysseus said...

2 of 5 is about par for what many police manage in such situations.

Old NFO said...

This just points out the TRUTH about fight or flight and the loss of fine motor skills... And I'd bet he doesn't regularly practice with the 1911... Glad he's okay though!

RobertM said...

Yeah, it certainly illustrates Murphy's Law.