Monday, April 30, 2012


There is a new gun rag out called RECOIL.  I read about somewhere on these vast interwebs and decided I'd pick up a copy next time I was in the magdaseen buying place, and yesterday I bought issue #2. 

I like it.  It's set up more on the model of a man's fashion magazine than your typical gun magazine.  Very high quality.  Lot's of advertisement for gunny stuff.  Obviously geared towards men but not as heavy on the cheesecake as most gun mag adverts, IMHO. 

This issue had an interview with Travis Haley, a look at different 3-gun setups, a look at some Daniel Defense ARs, and a knife and flashlight comparison that I liked.

Oh, and it came with a zombie foldout target, and a pretty big one at that!

If they got someone to do a monthly cigar and liquor review (a single page article for each, I think) it would damned near be the perfect magazine.

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