Monday, April 30, 2012

On The Range #65

Took the AR out for a little while today.  My main goal was to work on some reloads so I only fired about thirty rounds.  Like I said, nothing fancy.

I picked up a little leg rig that I attached a couple of AR mag holders to and a pistol mag holder.  That gives me 60 rounds on top of the 30 in the gun.  I kind of like it.  Since I'm a lefty with the long gun I wear it on the right.  The only problem with that is that I lose access to my right front pocket because I have to wear it forward in order to also ear my pistol.  Not really an issue.

To give myself something to do beside just burn ammo I reminded myself what my height over bore is (about 3") and did a little shooting from prone and kneeling.  I shoot from 5 yards to 50 yards.  50 yards is about as far as I can get out, but hopefully in the near future some 100 yard shooting will be possible.

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