Monday, April 16, 2012

On The Range #64: Winchester Ranger +P+ 127 gr. 9mm JHP

One of the podcasts I listen to is the ProArms Podcast featuring Massad Ayoob.  Since I just started listening to this particular podcast I've been listening to old episodes, one of which was about defensive ammo selection.  As I was planning on purchasing a 9mm I paid attention when that particular ammo came up, and the one that seemed to be the most highly recommended was Winchester Ranger +P+ 127gr. JHP.

Once I'd purchased my Glock I knew I'd need to pick up some self defense ammo.  I looked at what all the gun  and sporting goods stores had to offer, but $25-$30 seemed a bit much for twenty rounds.  I mean, that's about what I was paying for self defense ammo for my 1911, and beside that it wasn't what had been recommended to me.

So I did what I always do in this situation...I went online! 

And found SGAmmo, who carried what I wanted, for a fraction of the price of other self defense ammo.  

The Winchester Ranger series of ammo is "Law Enforcement Only," which really.  It's manufactured for and marketed to law enforcement, but a non law enforcement officer can buy it all day long.  There's no law against it and Winchester doesn't make any effort to restrict it's sale.  It's kind of like buying military surplus rifle ammo.  How many of you have a case of green tip 5.56 sitting in the ammo can? 

And if it's good enough for them to protect me with, then it's good enough for me to protect me with.  So I bought 150 rounds for less than half of what anything marketed to the non-LEO population would have cost.  I wanted 100 rounds to test fire, and then enough for a fully topped off gun and a spare magazine.

I admit I was a little nervous about shooting +P+ ammo.  I've never done that before, and while I know my gun can handle it I was worried it might be a bit too much for me.  It didn't take me long to realize my worries were a waste of time.

Shooting this ammo was not noticeably different from shooting regular 9mm ball.  There recoil felt the same to me and I shot as well with it as I have with any other 9mm ammo.  All 100 rounds fed and ejected reliably.  I had no problems at all while shooting except for the slide not locking back on an empty mag (caused by my grip, which I'm working on).

The first thing I did was to shoot Dot Torture, and scored 42/50 @ 3 yards.

After Dot Torture I mainly just played about around to see if I could induce any failures.  Rapid fire or slow fire everything went fine.  I shot a few groups at varying distance out to 20 yards.  I didn't have a ruler for exact measurements, but out to 20 yards groups where under 5" shot offhand. 

I'm relying on expansion and penetration tests on this ammo from other people, but they're people who know what they're talking about, and since it performs just fine for me I'll be carrying this stuff.  The price is such that I can afford to rotate my carry ammo often which has been a concern in the past. 

My experience so far with this ammo has been positive, as was my experience with  If you're looking for 9mm ammo for self defense you should check this stuff out.

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