Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Bucket List.

Here is a list of all the things I plan on doing in my life.  This will be updated as I add or delete things.  Bold items will be those I've completed, and those in progress will be in italics.  Anything with a strike threw has been deleted or at least put on hold pending a better legal and social environment for that particular activity.

  1.  Australia
  2.  Train at Gunsite Academy
  3.  Read all the works of Robert A. Heinlein
  4.  Meet one of my favorite authors.
  5.  Write a novel.
  6.  Shoot in a sanctioned IDPA match.
  7.  Shoot Master class in two IDPA divisions.
  8.  Take a professional driving course (racing, defensive/offensive, etc.)
  9.  Take a cruise on a US Naval vessel.
10.  Shoot a 3-Gun match.
11.  Have a 1911 custom built.
12.  Japan.
13.  Drink Guinness at Guinness in Ireland.
14.  Get married to a woman I love.
15.  Have children.
16.  Become an expert at rope bondage.
17.  Open carry a pistol in public.
18.  Shoot a machine gun.
19.  Space.
20.  Go skydiving.
21.  Walk on a glacier.
22.  Walk in the Hindu Kush.
23.  Africa.
24.  Learn to SCUBA dive.
25.  Gamble in Las Vegas.
26.  Go on safari.
27.  See the Declaration of Independence with my own eyes.
28.  Name a star after myself.
29.  Make love in a forest.
30.  Purchase a hand forged, functional katana.
31.  Drive a Ferrari in Miami...and Oahu.
32.  Fly in a Blackhawk helicopter.
33.  Repel from a skyscraper.
34.  Shoot the FAST drill in under 5 seconds.
35.  Hunt, kill, and eat North American big game.
36.  Learn another language, preferably Spanish.
37.  Get more tattoos.
38.  Become a Life Member of the NRA.
39.  Hike the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain to Clingman's Dome.
40.  India.
41.  Legally carry a firearm, either openly or concealed, in Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston.
42.  Take a boat ride up the Mekong River.
43.  Visit at least two Battleships, preferably the Alabama and the Texas.  I'd love to see the California, since I was born there, but she was scrapped.  Why does that not surprise me?
44.  Make love on the ocean.
45.  Alaska.
46.  Take a riverboat ride on the Mississippi.
47.  Shoot a flintlock rifle and pistol.
48.  Visit a Voodoo shop in New Orleans.
49.  Learn Krav Maga.
50.  Wear a suit everyday for a week.
51.  Learn to fence.
52.  Travel by train a distance requiring a sleeper cabin.
53.  Make love on a train.
54.  Construct a small home theater for an old school movie night.  The women will dress like Kristin (in her pretty pink dress).  The men will wear suits.  The movies will be black and white.


Kristin said...

Love your list! It's very you. Haha. I like to sprinkle some easier things in my list that I can work on without the aid of other people, opportunity, or copious amounts of money; this way when I feel like I can't do big things in my life I can still do big things in my life.

I think we should co-conspire on a few of these! Awesome Aussie land is on my list, as are India, Ireland, and skydiving. Jus' sayin'.

RobertM said...

Well, quite a few of them could be on the expensive side, but I'm willing to be patient. I holding out hope that commercial spaceflight is going to take off (a big test of it is coming up at the end of the month).

I would definitely jump out of plane with you! And who knows, we may find our way on a plane to another continent together. That would be very cool.

Old NFO said...

The possibilities are endless :-) Go do what you can, when you can! :-) and your #50... Not so much... I have to do that EVERY week and it sucks!!!

RobertM said...

I've always liked wearing a suit, but of course I've never been required to.

Christina LMT said...

Damn, I have a ton of things on my bucket list, but I haven't ever sat down and written them out. Add another thing to my to-do list. *sigh*

ASM826 said...

And how many are checked off?

RobertM said...

Christina-I was looking at a friend's and decided to do mine.

ASM-Just one so far. I'll be updating it as I go.

Matt G said...

Fencing is cheaper than you think. The gear is actually quite inexpensive, at the starting level. Local clubs are actually pretty common. Find a club.

But a word: the sooner the better. Your knees won't hold out for ever.

Brigid said...

Og's daughter is doing fencing with sabers. It's really a sight to behold. Most high school kids are just hangong out at the mall, she's kicking some *(# instead.

RobertM said...

Sabers would be fun. I'm actually thinking of trying to learn Japanese style fencing.