Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So, the SecDef isn't safe around armed Marines.

United States Marines can't be trusted.  At least that's what this makes it look like. 

What a stupid fucking move.

I don't particularly feel comfortable questioning a military commander in a combat zone, but what the fuck, dude?! Do you really think it is more important to protect the self esteem of foreign troops than it is the protect the morale of your own?  Do you really think it's a good idea to publicly make it look like you may not trust your own Marines? 

I mean, really?!!  You shit on United States Marines, call their honor into question, because you don't want untrustworthy, backstabbing 'allies' to feel like they aren't trusted?

I said a while back that I didn't thing we as a nation deserved the men and women willing to fight and die for use any more.  This just reenforces that for me.
Major General Mark Gurganus later said he gave the order because Afghan troops attending the talk were unarmed and he wanted the policy to be consistent for all.
So show the world that you don't trust your own troops.  That will inspire fear in the enemy.

H/t OldNFO

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