Monday, March 26, 2012

On The Range #63: Glock 17 Gen 4

Friday I purchased a Gen 4 Glock 17.  I took it out that afternoon to get a feel for it.  My general impressions are that I'm a little quicker and a little more accurate with it.  That was a hell of a surprise to me, considering I've put less than 50 rounds through Glock pistols before today (a G22 and a G30). 

First up I shot Dot Torture.  I scored 48/50 @ 3 yards.  That, I believe, is my best ever first run through Dot Torture with a new pistol.

Next I shot five Bill Drills (1 miss low, left).  Average time (no concealment):
  • Time to first shot:  2.58
  • Total time:  5.78
  • Split time:  0.57
I shot five Mozambique Drills.  Average time (no concealment):
  • Time to first shot:  2.23
  • Total time:  4.81
  • Split time:   1.94
1-1 Drill.  Fire 1, reload, fire 1 @ 3 yards.  Average time (no concealment):
  • Time to first shot:  2.32
  • Total time:  7.02
  • Split time:  4.70
I also shot 50 rounds working on trigger reset.  One thing I learned pretty quick is that my usual thumbs forward grip was causing me to hit the slide stop which was causing the pistol to fail to lock back on empty magazines.  At first I was worried it was an issue with the pistol, but a little thought and experimentation showed that if I used a thumbs high grip the problem disappeared.

I shot the FAST Drill, scoring 12.95.  I dropped one round just low, left outside the 8" circle.  I crawled through the first two shots.  I know I can do better, but I'm still not fast.

The last thing I did was to shoot two Bill Drills with Winchester 147 gr. JHP.  I used the timer, but I didn't record the times.  They fit in with the other times, and my grouping was what I expected it to be.  I'm going to try out the Winchester Ranger 127 gr. +P+ as soon as I can order some.  I've heard very good things about it, and it is about half the price of all the other self defense ammo I've seen in stores.

I'm surprised to say this, but so far I am very, very happy with the Glock.  I need to pick up an IWB holster for it, but it's lighter than my my 1911 even with 18 rounds in it.   


agirlandhergun said...

Sounds very good! Glad you are enjoying. I have never heard of any of those drills. Guess I am gonna need to google.

RobertM said...

If you hit the "on the range" tag, the last time I did an on the range post has links to the drill descriptions.

Old NFO said...

Good job Robert! And that is the RIGHT way to learn a new pistol! Congrats!

Fill Yer Hands said...


I recently got the shoot a Gen 4 G17 versus my old Gen 2, and I agree, it was a little easier to shoot. The recoil was smoother, if that's possible. I think the 2 stage recoil spring evens out the recoil and distributes it, rather than making it so snappy.

Welcome to the World of Tupperware.

RobertM said...

NFO-Thanks, I'm really surprised about how excited I've been over this gun. It has really surprised me how much I enjoy shooting. I guess it really was a time for a change.

FYH-Having only shot a G22 (not sure which gen, but not a 4) and a Gen3 G30. I shot well with both, but not as well as with a SA 1911. This gun is definitely an improvement over those.