Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your 5 Most Wanted.

Robb Allen asks:
What 5 guns do you lust after?
If price nor practicality were an issue, the five guns I would purchase would be:

5.  FN FAL

I'd want a paratrooper version with folding stock and shorter barrel (16" max barrel length).  This would probably be a custom job to get exactly the configuration I want. 

4.  IMI Galil

Preferably a 7.62 version, but I'm be happy with 5.56. 

3.  FN SCAR-17

Because, well, because.  I would consider a Remington ACR in 6.8mm as a possible substitution. 

2.  S&W .41 Magnum

I'm not sure of the exact model, but I'd want one with a 4" barrel.  I've actually never fired one, but I've held one and I fell in love.  This just seems like an awesome wheel gun that I would love to strap on once and while, plus it's an atypical caliber which I like.

1.  Custom 1911 chambered in .38 Super

For this one I'm not sure which manufacturer I would use.  That would depend on who has the best reputation for making a reliable .38 Super 1911.  No, it wouldn't be .45 ACP.  If I'm going to put some serious money into a full up custom 1911 I want it to stand out from the crowd, and .38 Super is a seriously cool round.  This would not be a BBQ for me, but an everyday carry self defense pistol so I'd want it to run very damned well.


Old NFO said...

Mine are simple...


1927 Thompson with at least 2 NY mags

Walker Colt

M-60 E4 (with ammo monkey)

Colt Anaconda factory ported

AND the ammo to shoot em all :-)

RobertM said...

Nice! Get your hands on an M-60 E4 and I'LL be your ammo monkey!