Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the Range #58

Tuesday it was dry enough to get myself outside and do a little shooting with my 1911.  First thing I did was shoot Dot Torture at 3 yards.  I moved back to three yards from seven because it's been a long time, and my score showed it.


I shot another hundred rounds after Dot Torture.  I did some shooting at varying distances.  I can hold a decent group out to 15 yards, but after that things start to spread out a bit (not enough to matter in serious matters, but I figure pressue+panic will add a degree of difficulty in serious matters).

I need to get back into the habit of shooting once a week now that I can actually afford it again.  

I'm still thinking of moving towards a Glock 9mm.  I love 1911s but I'm losing my faith in the one I own.  I had a lot of problems when I was shooting (due to a dirty/dry gun...I think).  Anyway, my next couple of range sessions will probably decide me.  I can get a Smith E-series for a good price, and I really would like one, but I can get a Glock 19 or 17 for a few hundred bucks cheaper.  Plus 9mm is cheaper.  Larger magazine capacity.  

But I really love carrying a 1911. 


Mr.B said...

A glock With all the other options around? Seriously?

Better an M+P. and this from a guy who carries a 1911.....

"You'll put your eye out"

RobertM said...

I have never shot an M&P. I have shot Glocks. That said, the M&P is a possibility.

Old NFO said...

Nothing wrong with Glocks, you know I have both 1911s and Glocks... :-)

RobertM said...

I actually really like Glocks. I recommend them to people more than any other pistol on the market. And I can shoot them about as well as anything else. I like the look and feel of the M&P, but I'd like to shoot one before buying one.

Dean Carder said...

I love my 1911's but I sure love my XD45 with 13 rounds of 45 caliber goodness.