Friday, October 28, 2011

American Guns: FAIL

So Discovery Channel has a new gun show called American Guns.  I've watched a couple of episodes. 

It''s reality tv (in other words so scripted it hurts, but whatever).  I figure if there is more demand for this type of show, then great.  I think winning over the American Idol crowd to our side is a good thing in the long run for the whole renormalization of guns in everyday American society.

Anyway, I was watching last night and there is a deal going down for some guns.  One they talk about is the Thompson Sub-machine gun.  Everyone loves a Thompson. 

Then they did that little blurb in the corner of the screen to give  you more information about what they're talking about:

The Thompson was NOT the first handheld machine gun (using the definition of 'fires full auto' for 'machine gun').  Even if we look at just sub-machine guns it was not the first.  The BAR came before it (1917), and for sub-guns there is the Beretta 1918 (1918).

The Thompson was just getting the kinks worked out in 1917, while John Moses Browning already had a working model of the BAR being tested by the military.  Considering the Beretta went into service in 1918 I think it's fair too assume that it's design probably predates the Thompson (which went into service in 1919, too late for WWI).  

There is also the MP-18 which was designed in 1916 and went into production in 1918. 

Hey, Discovery?  I'm all for more gun programing, but could you at least pay attention to getting the technical details correct before throwing them out there?


Stephen said...

Perhaps they should hire a few of 'us' as consultants. You are correct this is good for the gun culture.

RobertM said...

I'm no expert, and I caught that. You'd think the people they are paying to produce this would have. Of course, the show isn't really about guns but rather about badly manufactured drama and tension.

Old NFO said...

Robert, they do those shows for the 'unwashed masses'... They don't really care about accuracy...

RobertM said...

Ain't that the damned truth?

Kevin Baker said...

I've watched two episodes. It's too painful for me to watch any more.

But hey, if it helps renormalize the good gun culture, more power to 'em.