Monday, September 5, 2011

Keep your finger off the trigger!

If you don't want the gun to 'go off,' keep your booger hook off the bang switch, Dumbass!

At least the moron appears to have been following one rule so he didn't kill the poor woman.  And you've got to love the reporting:   "(T)he boss was apparently showing the woman the gun Saturday afternoon when it went off."  Um, no.  The gun went off when he pressed the trigger, not when he showing it to her.  Guns don't have premature discharges unless they're seriously broken, and that's a rare event.  Of course, that doesn't fit the agenda.  If guns just got off then guns are the problem, not the stupid/ignorant people who occasionally fuck up with them.

It would be amusing if there was a national news story every time someone did something stupid with a car.  Could you imagine the ridiculousness of every fender bender, every death in an auto accident, being national news? 

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