Thursday, August 18, 2011

Possible AR build in the near future.

Thanks to SayUncle, I read this today.  I was already considering going the route suggested, but I'm even more inclined now.

I can pick up a complete lower made by Spike's Tactical for $275.   The DSA upper I want is also $275.  Throw in a bolt group assembly ($110), the charging handle I want ($45), the rear sight I want ($58), and the total comes to $763 (before taxes, shipping, etc.).

I've been looking at a lot of used ARs lately, and I can build the one I want for less than I can pick up one of those.  Since it will be new, and not just 'new to me,' I will also be able to accurately record it's performance, something I've learned that I really like to do. 

There are other accessories I want to add over time (one of these would be nice!), but what I've listed so far will give me a perfectly usable firearm.

If things go well at work over the next few weeks I'll be buying a new pistol on or shortly after the 26th of this month.  My hope is to pick up a Spike's Tactical complete lower a couple of weeks after that.

I'd still like to pick up an AK at some point, but it's still more of gun I want because they're so damned hated so it's not really a priority.  I have bookmarked the links I was provided in comments on the AK post, though, so thanks for those!

Oh, if any manufacturer happened to stumble across this and wanted to send me any of this stuff (or their own similar product) for free I've love to do a write up for you!  Hey, it's worth a try, right?


Old NFO said...

Good for you, and you WILL learn your weapon if you assemble it yourself! :-)

RobertM said...

Thanks, I'm looking forward to the experience.

Scout26 said...

I'm going the same route. Only I'm getting a stripped lower for, rumour has it, $65.

There's a group of us doing a group buy and a couple of the folks in the group buy have built AR's before, so they'll be leading us neophytes through the process. Rumour also has it that depending on doodads and extraneous bits, we can probably get a good shooter with iron sights for ~$500 out the door. Tax, title, license, dealer prep the full boat.

I'll keep everyone posted on my blog.

FillYerHands said...

JP over at Eyes Never Closed has a good section on building your own. I plant to build a lower then buy an upper kit from MA Parts.