Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ok, I'm sure that'll work out just how you plan.

Via Tam we learn of Jeffery Wells.  Jeff wants to kidnap you and put you in a reeducation camp.  Jeff wants a second civil war. 

Jeff, buddy, if you try to kidnap me and put me in a camp, I will use lethal force in my defense as allowed by law in all 50 of these United States.  Be careful Jeff. 

And Jeff, civil wars are particularly nasty.  The rules of war tend to get blurred.  And if people like you put people like me in the position of thinking our only means of survival is getting rid of people like you?  You think we're just going to roll over and die?


Old NFO said...

Concur 100%!

John said...

Wow... That article made my head hurt. I don't think that second civil war would work out very well for the hippie libs either. And like you, I don't see myself in any type re-education camp either, though I would welcome their attempt to kidnap me.