Monday, August 1, 2011

Debt ceiling to be raised.

Can't stop the bread and circuses.  People might start to care that the ones running the show are a pack of thieves if they don't get their cut. 

There is no solution.*  There is only eventual catastrophe.  Might as well kick that can on down the road. 

*Well, I have one.  But nobody is interested in cutting the US military down to the minimum necessary to deliver our remaining nuclear weapons to whatever target may be necessary and instituting a policy of "Fuck with us AT ALL and die in nuclear fire," or amending the Constitution so that anyone receiving more money from the government than they pay in taxes is ineligible to vote.


Old NFO said...

And the even more interesting point is that there are NO REAL CUTS taking place...

RobertM said...

The government is like that family member who always wants to borrow money, "If you just let me borrow $100 right now I'll pay you back everything I've ever borrowed in just a couple of weeks...."