Thursday, August 4, 2011

1911 in .22

I've wanted one for a while.  I recently got a close up look at a couple I've been eyeing, the Sig 1911-22 and the GSG 1911-22.  

They appear to be the same exact gun.  The GSG is a little cheaper and has the better grips.  The Sig says 'Sig' on the side and is $20 more. 

Hopefully in about three weeks I'll be picking one up.  I'll probably get the GSG mainly because I like the grips better, and they're pretty much exactly what I have on my RIA 1911.

It'll be nice to have a trainer in .22 that I can use for practice and for new shooters.  At the very least it should save me some money in the ammo department.

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