Friday, July 15, 2011


It's been a long day after not nearly enough sleep last night.  It was at least a productive day at work, and I'll be picking someone special up from the airport tomorrow evening and then enjoying a nice three day weekend. 

Hopefully sometime this weekend I'll get out to the range and do some pistol shooting.  I've got two hundred rounds of .45 FMJ to shoot and some Winchester Bonded PDX1 JHPs to test out.  My usual carry ammo is Hornady TAP 230gr. JHP+P but I couldn't find any last time I was looking and I like to try something new from time to time.  It's time to put what's been riding in the gun down range and get some fresh stuff in there.

I've also got to find the time to get a couple of new tires for the car.  I'm running on a doughnut because I decided to put it off far too long already (and in my defense, someone who'd been borrowing the car frequently was SUPPOSED to take care of that to return the favor but keeps 'forgetting').

I'm also thinking of putting up a review of the Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack I picked up (someone blogged about it, and I've love to link them but for the life of me I can't remember who it was).  I keep a backpack with a few items I might need with me at all times and this is filling the role quite nicely.  I'm going to take it with me on the next hike I take to see how it carries on the trail.

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