Thursday, July 21, 2011

What the cool kids are doing.

I think it is fare to say that Rob Pincus knows his shit.  On the other hand, I was damn sure he was going to shoot himself a couple of times while watching this.  I guess I'm just not tacticool enough to appreciate the necessity one might have to hold a large weight overheard while shooting one handed and then pointing the gun at one's leg while using the holster to rack the slide with only one hand.

I can understand how essential it is to be able to hang upside down from the railing of the second level of the mall to engage the BGs on the first level.  And I can totally see how being able to leap up onto a table in the middle of the food court would help you get a clear line of fire over the heads of all those people you're about to save.

I'm sure there is a perfectly rational explanation for this video, and that I just don't get it, man, because I just don't know what it means to be totally dedicated to shooting from every possible position or scenario and that if I tried it I would see the inherit training benefits of shooting from the 'inverted monkey.' 

H/t Everyday, No Days Off

Edited to Add:

At Everyday, No Days Off Rob Pincus commented:

Thanks for checking out the vid guys. As noted, it was a fun day at the range, not a recommended training regimen.
Lighten up.

That's kind of what I figured, but it tickled my funny bone so I rolled with it.


Borepatch said...

I'm not a big fan of screwing around with loaded guns. Probably a character flaw.

Joshkie said...

Yes, you're not 'Tacticool' but all this means is you probably won't be on the YouTube shooting yourself in the leg.


P.S. I will feel bad now if this comes to pass. It won't stop me from watching and laughing, but I will feel bad.

RobertM said...

I've seen a lot of Rob Pincus on The Best Defense. I never got the impression that he was an unsafe guy, and in a controlled environment what's going on in the video is, probably, safe enough. That's not the first impression I got though. My first impression was, "that looks like a dumb idea." Maybe I was wrong, but I don't think I'll be attempting any of that.