Monday, July 25, 2011

Some thoughts.

I've got a few unrelated questions bouncing around in my head after reading a post at JayG's and then at Tam's:

1.  If once a criminal, always a criminal, why aren't we actively advocating for mandatory life sentences for all criminal convictions?  Yes, that's taking it to the extreme.  But really, if someone is too dangerous to living in the apartment next door to me or working in my nieces' daycare, then shouldn't he/she still be in prison?  My opinion is that if you're safe enough to walk down the street then you're then you're safe enough to live next door or work with me.  After all, I'm not going to know you're a convict if your walking down the street.  I'll only know you're a bad person if you try to harm me or someone else in my sight.  Should we not require convicts to wear some kind of identifier?  Maybe an orange arm band?

2.  In a society were all arms are banned, the armed is king.  We know this to be a fact, because we've seen it.  One man with a gun committed the massacre in Norway.  As soon as he was confronted by another man with a gun he surrendered.  Does this not argue in favor of arming everyone?  I would think so.

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