Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quote of the Day: Head. Desk.

Today's quote comes from an idiotic piece by Laura Ingraham, deriding the popularity of the messenger bag among males:

Why does a man even need a purse? A man should carry around exactly two items: a wallet and a phone. If you routinely tote anything more than that, you just might be a woman. With coin purses, brushes, makeup, tissues, and other female products, we ladies need the extra space. A man can survive with a lot less.

I routinely carry more than a wallet and phone in just my pockets.  But I'm a woman?  Or lacking in masculinity?  Please.  I guess Scotsmen are pussies because they were skirts, right?

I mean, really, a bag with a shoulder strap magically changes my penis into a vagina? 

H/t to Labrat of the Atomic Nerds, who has a much more intelligent review of the article than I'm capable of producing.


Old NFO said...

Yep, that's a WTF column... I don't think she really gets out much, and the one interview I heard with her, she seems to be a rather strange individual (germ phobic and 'other' phobias).

North said...

That is all I carry - a wallet and a phone, because I'M a MAN!!1!

No keys - I start my car with my angry fists!

RobertM said...

I realize some of what she says is probably (hopefully) a bit tongue in cheek, but, really? The man purse is not the downfall of western civilization.

Mike W. said...

Remember, if anyone asks you it's a SATCHEL.