Thursday, July 21, 2011

On The Range #55: Carry Ammo

One of the things I think it is important to do is rotate your carry ammo.  A phenomenon I've noticed over the years is bullet set back.  This usually happens when you're frequently unloading carry ammo to load target ammo for range practice and then reloading it back after.

Aside from that, I just think it's a good idea to keep relatively fresh ammo in the gun.  Sure, there is plenty of perfectly functional surplus ammo out there, and I'm happy to shoot up all of it I can, but sometimes you want just a bit more confidence that what you've got the gun gassed up with is going to go BANG! when you most need it too.

My preferred carry ammo for my 1911 is Hornady TAP 230gr. JHP+P.  I've shot a lot of it and I've found it to function very well, to have very manageable recoil, and generally easy to come by.

Unfortunately, my last attempt to buy some came up short when I couldn't find any locally.  I'm not opposed to trying something new so I picked up a couple of boxes of Winchester PDX1 230gr. Bonded JHPs to shoot and carry around for a while.

First thing up I shot off the old Hornady carry ammo.  I shot with it the same I do with target ammo even though the stuff is +P.  That a good thing, IMHO.  I like the stuff, and I'll probably be stoking up next chance I get.

After that I moved on to the Winchester.  I found it to group as well as I can, and it functioned without an issue in my RIA 1911 (I had a FTF the last round on one mag with the Hornady).  Since I didn't have a whole bunch to shoot I didn't do anything fancy.  I shot a slow group to see how well I could make it perform, and then I did some draws from the holster.  I shot a perfect Mozambique, and then some old two liters filled with water just for fun.

I like it.  I'll be happy to have it as my carry ammo for a while. 

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