Thursday, July 21, 2011

I used to be very pro-law enforcement.

Not so much any more.  Things like this:

have sadly led me to remove LEOs from the 'ally' column and put them, for now, into the 'enemy of my enemy' column.  I can't trust them.  I'd like to, but I can't.  There are plenty of good ones out there, but far too many bad ones.

A couple of good ones share their opinions here and here.

The only thing that I'll add to what they say is that I think too little scorn is being heaped upon this douche nozzle's partner.  At the very least he should have restrained his partner, both as a friend and a brother officer (but maybe he wants to get rid of this guy too?).  Frankly, he should have placed his partner under arrest for his actions and immediately contacted his departments IA people.  Maybe that's expecting too much, but when we're talking about the one class of people your average citizen is legally barred from defending themselves against, is it really?

As I've asked a few times in the past, you wonder how people can be mistrustful of and hostile towards the police?

H/t Weer'd Beard for the video link.


Joshkie said...

As I made the point on my own blog it's the "Then Blue Line" mentality of us against them that can't or shouldn't be tolerated with in the police force. It's to easy to start thing everyone is a dirt bag and that criminals an exception not the rule in society.

If the police wanted better PR they would come down on those offIcers and not make excuses or try to push it under the rug.

The police are not better than or above us. They are supposed to represent us.

Respect is a two way street.


Joshkie said...


"It's to easy to start 'thinking' everyone is a dirt bag and 'forget' that criminals 'are' an exception not the rule in society."

When I get pissed off my ability to type degrades.


Old NFO said...

That's just plain wrong... Hopefully both of them were disciplined... And you do have a valid point.

Mike W. said...

Agreed. At a minimum his partner needed to pull him aside right there and say "dude, get a grip, calm down, and pull yourself together!"

John said...

Don't put us all in the same basket with that asshat. Every LEO I have seen watch this has yelled at their computer over this pair and their ridiculousness. We have our bad apples, but we try and cull them as best we can.

RobertM said...

I judge every individual based on my personal experiences with them. Most of my individual experiences with LEOs have been positive. One wasn't. My experience wasn't near as bad as this one, but it could have been. My experience, and a lot of other things I've seen, have made me a lot less likely to instantly view cops as the 'good guys.' However, that's a general view and not meant to be a judgment upon any individual.