Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I just don't care.

Apparently a secret ammo cabal is trying to corner the online marketing and sale of ammo.  Apparently they seem to be doing this by using the SEO loophole by running completely legal businesses.

So a company, that wants to sell me a product, is using every legal means at it's disposal to do so?  How....sleazy?  Wrong?  Immoral?  I couldn't tell you.

For the record, I buy all my ammo from WalMart (oh, look, another evil capitalist fat cat cabal!), Academy Sports and Outdoors, or one of three local gun stores (Hoover Tactical Firearms, Southeastern Guns, and Fortner Firearms).  Luckygunner and all the others would have to offer me free shipping on small purchases to compete.


CapitalistPig said...


Blogger investigation discovers how URL keyword relevance impacts SERPs!

Tune in next week to learn the secret identity of who owns all those .gov domains.

I really hope he didn't spend much time on that project, when he could have been at the range.

Old NFO said...

Oh well...

Linoge said...

I do care, which is all that really matters for my blog. *shrug* Everyone has their own priorities, and their own concepts of what is "acceptable".

And CapitalistPig, if you are paying, I will be glad to hit up the range whenever you like. Until then, kindly tend to your own life.

RobertM said...

You are free to hold any grudge you want and pursue it to the bitter end.

I, in turn, am free to make light of that.

Linoge said...

And free to misrepresent it, apparently.

RobertM said...

How have I misreprented it? If I've made a factual mistake please point it out.

Linoge said...

I was unaware that "pointing out business practices" was predicated on the existence of a "grudge" - apparently I must update my dictionary to include this new definition. Likewise, you mention the legalities of their actions (repeatedly), but conveniently omit Google's rather explicit rules concerning the behavior. And, finally, this entire post, and the following conversation, rather belies its title, does it not?

RobertM said...

The grudge is the reason for pointing out the business practices that you object to. At best they've violated a user license agreement. Maybe. And frankly, I doubt that something most of us haven't violated at one time or another. Doesn't make it any less than what it us, but in reality it amounts to speeding on the interstate.

And no, I don't care about their business practices. I do care about a blogger who only decided to start making a stink about a company after he lost a contest they extended in order to get more participation and after they refused to extend special treatment to him for an event.

And for the record, I can understand being pissed off about the contest. In your place I would have been too, but I don't think it was near as big a deal as you've made it out to be. However, 'no guest at the blog shoot' was stated policy once the whole thing was made official. Your opinion of whether there was room or not doesn't matter, especially since the number of attendees was not their decision. Every reasonable explanation offered to you was dismissed without a second thought.

And suddenly this latest post, the research of which you did just out of blind curiosity and with no malice aforethought. I'd take it all a lot more seriously if it were coming from someone without a well documented beef with one of the companies mentioned.

But of course I'm just one of the many bloggers "bribed by free ammunition and free fully-automatic firearms," right?

You don't like someone accusing you of having a grudge? I didn't care too much for being accused of accepting a bribe. If my blogging about my weekend and putting up a small add on a backwater blog amounts to being bribed, your ongoing dispute with Luckygunner certainly amounts to a grudge.

Linoge said...

Ah, so just because I objected to questionable business practices in the past, I am no longer permitted to object about questionable business practices in the future, or, if I do, I must stand convicted of a motive I neither possess nor you can prove.

Good to see you are consistent, with both definitions of words and logic. Consistently deficient, that is.

*shrug* You go on "not caring", in your vociferous, passive-aggressive fashion. Me, I will go on writing about whatever I so choose, whenever I so choose, and laughing my ass off at people like you who project their own beliefs into my writings (specifically, the notion of a "grudge", which you so thoroughly elucidated your last paragraph).

RobertM said...

Oh, I hold grudges when insulted.

And you're right, I can't prove what your motivations are, but I "will go on writing whatever I so choose, whenever I so choose" as you put it.

You don't like Luckygunner, fine. You want to trash them at every opportunity, also fine. I get to make light of it, and point out that you have plenty of motive for not liking a company outside of any business practices of theirs, business practices that you didn't give a damn about looking into until after they did something that pissed you off on a personal level.

CapitalistPig said...

"Tend to my own life"? Neither did I comment at your place, nor did I tell you how to conduct yourself. However, I would concede that your advice is good and recommend the same for you.

I don't see anything unethical, immoral, or illegal about LG sites. They appear to be split-testing themes and layouts, which is just good business. I really don't see how it is any different than the fireholder.com domain.

If you, or the guy that stole my commenting name (this blog's owner), come out to the Phoenix area, I'll make good on the range time.