Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Mission.

I'll admit it.  I'm sad that today is that of the last manned space flight made by the United States, and I'm glad that I was at home to watch it live on TV.   

We can't afford a shuttle program anymore.  Blame entitlement spending.  It was a luxury, and a damned expensive one.  Sure, plenty of cool stuff came out of it, but a private program based on competition probably would have done it just as well, cheaper.

Hopefully private enterprise will take over, but that's only going to happen if the US government gets the hell out of the way.  Those private programs are just getting started, and if government will let them operate as a business we might just see something spectacular.    


Old NFO said...

Robert, private enterprise will NEVER replace NASA, as private enterprise has to make a profit... And they won't sink the development $$ to be successful. We are done... stick a fork in us.

JebTexas said...

NFO, I must disagree. I've a bro who works for SpaceX, ( You might want to check them out. The new Falcon9 Heavy can lift about 75% of the load the Saturn V carried, and the second stage Merlin can carry nearly twice as much on to the moon as did the Colombia stage of Apollo. We are going to space, brother, w/o the F-ing FG.