Friday, June 3, 2011

Sheesh, I hope they never notice all the runners.

As mentioned before, Lucky Gunner had Ammo Girls at the shoot.  They fetched ammo and water.  They were all young and attractive.*  And they bothered some people

I honestly didn't see Breda's post until after seeing Tam's, so my one and only comment is at Tam's and in response to her post.  At 60 comments I don't feel like jumping into Breda's at this point.

Tam said,

In short, had the "ammo waitresses" been wearing khakis and polo shirts, all we'd be discussing right now is what a neat idea the "menus" were. So, ten out of ten for cleverness, but minus several hundred for not thinking through all the implications.
Okay, fair enough.  My reply,

I didn't know about the ammo girls until I got there, so for me at least it was hardly a selling point. As for their attire, I'd have been dressed that way if I could have gotten away with it!

And I think it's fair to point out that the vast majority of bloggers attending were men. I think, and its possible I'm wrong in this, that had the attendance been more balanced that the young, fit, male Lucky Gunner employees would have been happy to run back and forth fetching ammo and water. Hell, I'd have been happy to do it. 

It was 90+ degrees outside all weekend.  The ladies in question were doing a lot of running around in the sun.  They were drenched in sweat.  They were dressed in what looked to me like athletic clothing while doing physical labor at an outdoor event in the summer heat.  At least one rolled up the sleeves and tied up the back on her t-shirt after an hour or so (I assumed because of the heat, but I guess it must have only been to titillate us slobbering males)

Hopefully next year Lucky Gunner will take the concerns of the female bloggers to heart, and hopefully next year more than three female bloggers will bother to show up to a free event.  I don't see the big deal, but I could care less who fetches the ammo.  I'd be happy to fetch it myself.  After all, if I want to see scantily clad women I can always watch the runners around town. 

I'm not going to pretend to be sympathetic to Breda and Tam, or any other woman who was bothered by this.  Breda didn't attend and probably won't in the future.  Tam could have left.  I understand that this bothered them even if I don't understand why.  I hope Lucky Gunner takes those concerns to heart in any future events.  I don't think it was a bad decision considering the demographics of their customer base or the event, but I'm just one guy and I don't really give a damn if people get offended by something silly.**

And in the end this was not a Sniper Babes level faux pas.  No one pretended that these ladies were anything other than what they were, ammo carriers.  Their clothing was appropriate for the activity they were performing, and as I said at Tam's if I could have gotten away with wearing as little I would have.***

The assumed implication that you have to look like one of Lucky Gunner's ammo girls to be a female shooter is ridiculous, just as the assumption that you have to look like one of the women above to be a runner would be.

When all is said and done, scantily clad women or no scantily clad women, or even scantily clad men, as long as the ammo is free I'm more than willing to show up. 
*From what I could see ALL of the Lucky Gunner staff present were young and attractive, though I admit I'm not the best judge of male attractiveness and it is fair to point out that the ladies were all dressed in athletic clothing while the men stuck to polos and khaki pants and shorts.

**I'm not running a business.

***I didn't feel I could because I was planning on shooting all day and worried about hot brass, grease, and oil off the machine guns.

Picture taken from this article on women's running shoes.

Edited to add:  They were wearing polos. 

And:  Jennifer's take.

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