Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On The Range #53: IMI Baby Eagle .40

My friend Jeremy came over to shoot and brought his IMI Baby Eagle .40.  It's not a bad little gun.  The .40 makes it a little snappy, and I am not a fan of SA/DA, but it was a very shootable pistol.  I could put .40 on target with it as accurately as I could .45 with my RIA 1911.

My biggest complaint about the gun would be the safety/de-cocker.  I hate those damned things and the position makes it a pain to flick of in a hurry.  Other than that it's a nice little gun.  It functioned great.  We put almost a hundred rounds through it with no problems.

Jeremy does not shoot often, and I think this was the second time he has shot a pistol.  I advised him on better grip and stance, and pestered him about the keeping his finger off the trigger (he kept wanting to put it behind the trigger, I finally got him to keep it on the frame).  Nothing more time on the range wouldn't cure, or a decent intro training course. 

It was a good time on the range...even if he is a ginger.

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