Monday, June 20, 2011

"Don't be there."

It's one of the most common pieces of self defense advice I hear, "Don't be there."  Don't be in high crime areas.  Don't go where you don't feel safe.  Don't go to bars.  Don't go to clubs.  Don't go to the movies.  Don't go to WalMart.  Don't go to the pharmacy.  Don't go to the mall.  Don't stop for gas.

The list could go on and on ad infinitum. 

"Don't be there" is on of the most useless pieces of self defense advice I've ever heard.  There is no where that is safe.  Not school.  Not the park where you take your kids or your dog.  Not even your own home.

Here is some useful self defense advice:

  • Be aware that while it is extremely unlikely you will be the victim of a crime that no matter where you are it can happen, no matter how safe you feel.  
  • Be prepared (by knowing it can happen, by thinking about it, and by training) to defend yourself with all necessary force, up to and including deadly force, from an attacker.

Do those things and live your life by doing the things that you want, where you want.  


Weer'd Beard said...

The "Don't Go There" argument gets pretty messy pretty quick.

Why don't I lock myself in a Prison so I can protect myself from the Criminals who are allowed to run free.

If a place is considered dangerous and I have no pressing business there, I won't go there.

That being said if I want to go say into Boston to have a bite to eat and take on a show after the sun goes down, who am I to curtail my own freedom?

I'll avoid the dark alleys and the bands of teens wearing gang colors if I can...but I know I can't always, and for those times I follow your two bullet points!

Great post!

RobertM said...


I work day in and day out in some of the worst neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL. If I want to avoid the bad ones I'd have to start collecting unemployment checks. Thanks, but no thanks. And on top of that, even with all the time I spend in the 'bad' neighborhoods I still have yet to have the first problem.

Joshkie said...

I'm going suggest two books, "Meditations on Violence" and "Facing Violence" by Rory Miller.

To the first point, yes violence happening to anyone at anytime and any where, but those odds go up when you participate in high risk endeavors or go into high risk areas. This doesn't mean we need to live in a bubble, but that we need to evaluate if doing these activities is worth the risk.

To the second point, I would add to your list we need to understand law as it applies to self-defense. Just because we feel something well be justified doesn't mean the law will see it our way. If we don't do this we might get to visit and participate in more high risk activities in prison.

My 2 cents,

RobertM said...

I look into the books. The only places too risky for me to go are those where I can't go armed.

As for legal considerations I consider that to be a part of training. On the other hand I'm not going to risk my life out of fear of legal consequences. That's one of those cross that bridge when you get there scenarios.