Sunday, May 29, 2011

On The Range #50: Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot 2011 (Day 2)

Today once again started out with a tasty breakfast provided by Lucky Gunner, after which we headed out to the range location so that those of us who had signed up could take the free pistol course being offered by Tom Givens of RangeMaster. 

The course started out with a two hour 'classroom' portion that started with the requisite safety brief.  Mr. Givens does not do the course with a cold range in mind.  Guns are expected to all times.  I really liked that.

Tom Givens is a man who can easily rub a sensitive person the wrong.  He's been there and done that, and will not tolerate a fool.  I like that too, but I'll admit he rubbed me the wrong way at first.  That did change, however.

After getting a bit.of a bumpy start range instructions being hard to hear and shooters unfamiliar with their pistols things went well. 

There were around thirty shooters, but only room for fourteen shooters on the firing line.  This led to some difficulties in my opinion and put our instructors under some added stress.  They handled it well though.

Our main focus was on fundamentals, and Tom went above and beyond to point out how poor a weapon a pistol is in comparison to long guns and the importance of shot placement.

Something we worked on extensively that I had honestly never focused on before was follow through and resetting the trigger for follow up shots. 

Since we were shooting in two I shared my target with OldNFO.  I could not have asked for a better partner.  He made sure I was hearing range instructions (which I had trouble with) and gave me good critical feedback on my shooting.  he even made point of approaching me later and telling me I did good.  It meant a lot coming from someone of his experience, and later when I noticed our targets were being thrown away I snagged ours.  It was a perfect target except for one flier that was my fault.

After the class ended we had delicious BBQ lunch courtesy of Lucky Gunner.  We learned that he shotgun class which was supposed toome next had been canceled and instead we were being offered an extra hour and a half of handgun training.

I made the decision to skip out on shooting the Kriss guns in order to get the extra training.  I was glad I did.

Less than half the original class took advantage of the extra training.  This meant we were all on the firing line almost non-stop.  The instructors were clearly more relaxed and in my opinion more personable with the smaller class.  I got helpful feedback from all of the instructors during this second portion.

We focused on the same fundamentals but added in multiple shots and speed.  I won't say it was the most fun I had, but it was very good training that I will be able to use in my own practice at home which was the instructors' stated goal.

It was a good day and I would definitely take a RangeMaster course again.

After the wrap up I said some goodbyes and headed home.  It was a great weekend.  More to follow on the non-shooting aspects of the event to come in later posts.


Old NFO said...

Well you DID do good! And hey, fliers happen to everybody!!! At least you weren't as stupid as I was and kept using a bad mag...LOL

RobertM said...
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RobertM said...

Thanks again!