Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On The Range #48

I got off work a little early, and it was a nice sun shinny day, so I decided to put a few rounds down range.

I only had a hundred rounds of .45 ACP to play with so I kept it simple.  I shot mostly Mozambique Drills from a variety of positions and with reloads thrown in for good measure.  I also shot Dot Torture, scoring 32/50.  I think I've hit a plateau with Dot Torture.

I experienced one failure; my slide not locking back on an empty mag.  I think that was a result of the gun being really dirty (I cleaned it after) but I'm keeping track of that magazine just the same.  

In ten more days I'll be heading to the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot.  There is a get together I'll be going to Friday night.  The main event seems to be scheduled for Saturday.  Sunday I've signed up for the pistol training course that is being offered.  I'm really looking forward to the whole event, meeting some of the bloggers I read every day, and of course shooting some machine guns with free ammo!

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