Sunday, April 17, 2011

S&W E Series 1911

The more I read about them, the more I want one.  I've even got a little fund started to buy one.  It's not perfect, but from what I've read it's much better than what I've got.

I want the 'SC' which is the lightweight commander style with the bobtail. 

I'm planning on buying a gun next Friday.  I can't afford this 1911 just now so it'll probably be something in the vein of a Glock 19 or S&W M&P9.  However, if I see one of the E series and I like the price I might hold off on that and put on layaway.  We'll see.  


Weer'd Beard said...

Got a 1911Sc under my coat right now. LOVE it.

Looked at the link, dunno if I care for the checkered front-strap like that. My 1911Sc base model has a serrated frontstrap that gives a lot more purchase than smooth, but isn't aggressive on your hand while shooting strings.

There is a fine line between a gun with a very positive grip, and a cheese grater...

RobertM said...

You know, I don't think I've ever owned a 1911 with a checkered front strap. I do manual labor every day though so my hands are pretty tough. We will see, I guess.

Mark said...

I own a Glock 17, which I have used in IPSC occasionally. I dunno; you should perhaps consider a CZ75 SP-01 Shadow, unless you are specifically looking for a compact carry weapon. The Shadow is a lot more accurate, and is on my wish list.