Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LWRC to do manufacturing in Alabama.

According to KitUp:

In a sort of business coup for a small gun manufacturer, LWRC International based in Cambridge, Md., has cemented an agreement with the Anniston Army Depot to use its manufacturing facilities and civilian labor to build its rifles and carbines, including the 6.8 PSD, M6A2 and the 7.62 REPR.

Information about the deal comes on the heels of the Army’s industry for the improved carbine program which will lead to the manufacturing of potentially hundreds of thousands of rifles by one manufacturer.

“To alleviate the concerns or fears that the Army might have about our production capacity, we’ve entered into a teaming arrangement with the Anniston Army Depot,” officials from LWRC told Kit Up! during a visit to their offices last week. The depot has entered into public-private partnerships like this before, the company tells us, but mostly for large vehicle programs like Strykers and Bradleys.
That's certainly not going to hurt Alabama's economy. 

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