Monday, March 14, 2011

On The Range #44

I shot 100 rounds today.  I worked on speed and accuracy with my first fifty; drawing from concealment, reloads, shooting strong/weak hand only.  I'm pretty comfortable at seven yards so I'm thinking of moving all of my general shooting back to ten yards.  Seven is getting to be 'too' easy so that I'm not really improving anything. 

I shot Dot Torture at seven yards, scoring 39/50.  That's my second best score at seven yards to date.  Hopefully I can keep up the consistency, but that will depend more on the availability of ammo than anything else.

I had no malfunctions of any type.  After I finished shooting I wiped down the extracter claw.  That's 250 rounds without any FTE.  I'll be pleased if I can put three hundred more rounds down range with no issues. 

Three hundred more rounds will put the RIA 1911 at 2,020 rounds. 

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