Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Um, that's an act of war.

A Pakistani court ordered the government Tuesday not to release an American official arrested in the shooting deaths of two Pakistanis despite U.S. insistence that he has diplomatic immunity and has been detained illegally.

Reading this article, this is basically the same type of thing you would expect if a black man had killed two white men in self defensive in Alabama in 1947.  Also, the man has diplomatic immunity.  To the best of my knowledge, he can't be touched by Pakistani authorities other than being told to leave the country.

It's been suggested that since he was carrying a gun he must be CIA or a security contractor and might be ineligible for diplomatic immunity as a result.  I don't know if that is true, and in fact I doubt it.  However, it would make sense for embassy members to be issued weapons if they are going into dangerous areas.  I don't know if US embassies do this, but considering members have diplomatic immunity that would make sense. 

But leaving all that aside, authorities have arrested and hold a staff member of an embassy in defiance of international law, the laws of the host nation (I'm willing to bet), and millenia of tradition.  That type of action is considered the worst faux pas at best, and an act of war at worst.  Considering we've been fighting an unofficial war with Pakistan since we invaded Afghanistan I can't help but think we should remind them we have more nuclear weapons than both them and India combined...and that we like India a WHOLE lot better.

But with our current President and Secretary of State?  Poor fucker will probably be tried, and might end up executed.


Borepatch said...

Freeze all aid payments to Pakistan until they return him.

RobertM said...

But Borepatch, that's for the children! You wouldn't want the children to starve and rot to death from needless childhood diseases?!