Friday, February 25, 2011

Profanity: Use it, or don't.

But don't pretend you're not using it when you type 'a**' instead of 'ass.'  You are not fooling anyone, except maybe yourself.  We all know what it means.  If you feel compelled by politeness or moral code to not use profanity, then don't.  When you throw in a couple of asterisks you're still using it, or do you really believe that no one knows what you mean by 'a**' 's**t' or 'f**k'?

There are far too many other words to use in the place of profanity for you to have an excuse for using a childish method to not technically use the world.  You can't church it up, so don't try.  

I use profanity frequently.  There is a warning about that in my blog header.  But I know there are certain instances where it is the better part of valor not to use profanity, and I don't.  Work is one example.  I also try, and often fail, to not use it around children I have frequent contact with. 

I've been called 'ignorant' for my use of profanity.  Well, that's a load of shit.  Or would you prefer, 'that's clearly an irrational statement brought about by your social upbringing and a failure to evaluate the benefits of profanity while engaging in heated discourse'?  Profanity is efficient.  Yes, I could tell you that you 'have the intelligence of a retarded banana slug', but it's much more efficient to say 'you're a fucking idiot.'  And let's face it, both are just as insulting.  One just took a little more time to say. 

So, please, either use profanity or don't.  Asterisks just insult my intelligence. 

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