Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drinking and guns.

I'm one of those people who thinks, knows in my own personal case, that you can have a few drinks and go about normal tasks without any problems.  There is a difference between this and being drunk and doing most normal tasks.  You can do them when drunk too, but you give up either speed or you do them poorly. 

Now, I will drink with a gun in my possession.  I limit myself to two, maybe three drinks.  That is my personal limit.  That's the point at which I know my motor skills will begin to degrade to an unacceptable rate.  If I'm going to drink more I put the gun away, either in my car if I'm at a friend's home or in the backpack where I carry it when it can't be on body. 

I've been in a house full of people where there were guns in cars, guns put up in bedrooms, and guns on hips of those who were not drinking.  I didn't like all the people there, and I'm sure some didn't like me.  Hell, there were a few people there who flat out can't stand each other.  And yet...

And yet not a single person was harmed.  No fights were started.  No threats were made.

Most of us were drinking.  Some of us were very drunk.  All of us had access to firearms, knives, and hot pokers out of the fire. 

You see, it's called self control.  Each individual is responsible for it.  And each individual must pay the price if they fail to exhibit it.

But only IF they fail.  Most won't.  Those who do should be punished.  But those who don't shouldn't be punished because someone else might, either.

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Linoge said...

Hear frickin' hear. If a person cannot be bothered to behave responsibly, there should obviously be laws in place to punish that individual appropriately. However, attempting to infringe on other law-abiding citizens' rights on the basis of those people who cannot behave responsibly? Yeah, that makes no sense.

Given that the states have absolutely no problem with people operating multi-ton objects full of gallons of highly combustible liquids at high velocities while those people are slightly intoxicated, there is no rational reason why those same states would object to people carrying firearms while slightly intoxicated - if one is safe, the other is as well.

And, in both cases, if a person decides to be unsafe... well, the repercussions should be significant.