Monday, January 24, 2011

The War On Cops...No, really!

Yes, indeed.  There is apparently a war on police officers
Authorities are worried a recent wave of police officer shootings may not be a coincidence.

In just 24 hours, at least 11 cops were shot around the country.
I guess there must be some evidence that all of these people were acting together.
While all the shootings don’t appear to be connected, Roberts says they have one thing in common.

"We don't have any data, but there seems to be a type of criminal out there looking to thwart authority," he told the station.
Wait.  Wait.  You're telling me there is some kind of super criminal out there that wants to thwart authority?  Thwart authority by, say, I don't know, breaking the law?  Who'd a thunk it?

There's still something I don't get...where does Sarah Palin fit into all this?  I mean, people are getting shot, so clearly she must be involved.

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